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Quotes On Human Rights

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Quotes On Human Rights

You’re Not Under Attack When Others Gain Rights

1You’re Not Under Attack When Others Gain Rights And Privileges You’ve Always Had.

Quotes On Human Rights » If You Want

2If You Want To Awaken All Of Humanity, Awaken All Of Yourself.

3It Is Absurd  To Divide People Into Good And Bad. People Are Either Charming Or Tedious. Oscar Wilde

  • 4Is Man’s Civilization Only A Wrappage, Through Which The Savage Nature Of Him Can Still Burst, Infernal As Ever? Thomas Carlyle

5While We Are Sitting In Meditation, We Are Simply Exploring Humanity And All Of Creation In The Form Of Ourselves. Pema Chodron

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6Life Is To Be Lived, Not Controlled, And Humanity Is Won By Continuing To Play In Face Of Certain Defeat. Ralph Ellison

7You Can Never Be A First-Class Human Being Until You Have Learnt To Have Some Regard For Human Frailty. Abhijit Naskar

Quotes On Human Rights » The Rights Of Every Man

  • 8The Rights Of Every Man Are Diminished When The Rights Of One Man Are Threatened. John F. Kennedy

America Did Not Invent Human Rights

9America Did Not Invent Human Rights. In A Very Real Sense, Human Rights Invented America. Jimmy Carter

We Are Just Two People

10We Are Just Two People. Not That Much Separates Us. Not Nearly As Much As I’d Thought. Kathryn Stockett

Human Rights Is A Universal Standard

11Human Rights Is A Universal Standard. It Is A Component Of Every Religion And Every Civilization.  Shirin Ebadi

12Love Life And Life Will Love You Back. Love People And They Will Love You Back. Arthur Rubinstein

Human Rights Quotes Images

  • 13The Weak Can Never Forgive. Forgiveness Is The Attribute Of The Strong. Mahatma Gandhi

14Compassion Becomes Real When  We Rrecognize Our Shared Humanity. Pema Chodron

Quotes On Human Rights » Once You Bring Life Into The World

  • 15Once You Bring Life Into The World, You Must Protect It. We Must Protect It By Changing The World. Elie Wiesel

16The Most Potent Weapon In The Hands Of The Oppressor Is The Mind Of The Oppressed. Stephen Biko

Quotes On Human Rights » Out Of The Crooked Timber Of Humanity

17Out Of The Crooked Timber Of Humanity, No Straight Thing Was Ever Made. Immanuel Kant

Best Quotes On Human Rights

18Every Human Being Is A Problem In Search Of A Solution. Ashley Montagu

19The Human Condition Today Is Better Than It’s Ever Been, And Technology Is One Of The Reasons For That. Tom Clancy

My Humanity Is A Constant Self Overcoming

20 My Humanity Is A Constant Self-Overcoming. Friedrich Nietzsche

21Humanity’s Next State Is Rising Above Ourselves For The Sake Of Our Common Unity. Unknown

  • 22A Right Is Not What Someone Gives You; It’s What No One Can Take From You. Ramsey Clark

Human Rights Quotes

23Give To Every Human Being Every Right That You Claim For Yourself. Robert Ingersoll

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24I Am The Inferior Of Any Man Whose Rights I Trample Underfoot. Horace Greeley

Human Rights Quotes Images

25The Very Existence Of Libraries Affords The Best Evidence That We May Yet Have Hope For The Future Of Man. T.S. Eliot

Quotes About Human Rights

26 Knowledge Makes A Man Unfit To Be A Slave. Frederick Douglas

  • 27Who So Lives For Humanity Must Be Ccontent To Lose Himself. Octavius Brooks Frothingham

28We Never Know The Worth Of Water Till The Well Iis Dry. Thomas Fulle

Quotes About Rights And Freedom's

29No Matter Our Job, No Matter Our Height, We All Deserve To Be Treated Right.

30 We Are Just Two People. Not That Much Separates Us. Not Nearly As Much As I’d Thought.

31Humanity Is An Ocean; If A Few Drops Of The Ocean Are Dirty, The Ocean Does Not Become Dirty. Mahatma Gandhi

There Can Be No High Civilization Where There Is Not Ample Leisure

32There Can Be No High Civilization Where There Is Not Ample Leisure. Henry Ward Beecher

Best Quotes On Human Rights

33 People Should Never Think That You Have To Be A Very Special Person To Help Those Who Need You. Miep Gies

34If You Cannot Find Faith In Humanity, Be The Faith In Humanity.

Human Rights Quotes Nelson Mandela

35Humanity Is On The March, Earth Itself Is Left Behind. David Ehrenfeld

36Humanitarianism Consists In Never Sacrificing A Human Being To A Purpose. Albert Schweitzer

37You Cannot Kill The Truth. You Cannot Kill Justice. You Cannot Kill What We Are Fighting For. Jean Dominique

38 Men Should Think Twice Before Making Widowhood Women’s Only Path To Power. Gloria Steineme

39Humanity Quotes My Country Is The World Religion Do Good. Thomas Paine Wisdom

Quotes About Rights And Freedom’s

40Freedom From Fear” Could Be Said To Sum Up The Whole Philosophy Of Human Rights. Dag Hammarskjold

41Freedom Is Never Really Won, You Earn It And Win It In Every Generation. Coretta Scott King

42People Can Tell You To Keep Your Mouth Shut, But It Doesn’t Stop You From Having Your Own Opinion. Anne Frank

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43I Have An Idealistic View Of Science As A Lliberalising And Progressive Force For Humanity. Paul Nurse

44Many Of Us Persons Of The Tinted Persuasion Care About Human Rights And Artistic Freedom Too.

Human Rights Quotes Nelson Mandela

45To Deny People Their Human Rights Is To Challenge Their Very Humanity. Nelson Mandela

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