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Quotes On Cleanliness

1 Be Careless In Your Dress If You Will But Keep A Tidy Soul.

  • 2God Loves Cleanliness. The Environment Must Be Kept Clean.

3 I Will Not Let Anyone Walk Through My Mind With Their Dirty Feet.

  • 4 If You Want To Sweep The Steps Clean, Start At The Top.

Status On Cleanliness

5 You Find Everything When You Are Spring Cleaning! Anonymous

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6 Thanks God Men Cannot Fly, And Lay Waste The Sky As Well As The Earth.

7 Before You Leave, Take A Minute To Clean.

8 I Will Not Let Anyone Walk Through My Mind With Their Dirty Feet. Mahatma Gandhi

  • 9The Purpose Of Aart, Is Washing The Dust Of Daily Life Off Our Souls.

10Civilization Is The Space Man Has Placed Between Himself And His Own Droppings. Brian W. Aldiss

  • 11Life Has A Way Of Setting Things In Order And Leaving Them Be. Very Tidy, Is Life.

12When One Hand Washes Another, Both Become Clean.

Water Air And Cleanness Are The Chief Articles In My Pharmacy.

  • 13Water, Air, And Cleanness Are The Chief Articles In My Pharmacy.

14What Separates Two People Most Profoundly Is The Different Sense And Degree Of Cleanliness.

  • 15He Longed For Cleanliness And Tidiness: It Was Hard To Find Peace In The Middle Of Disorder. Jillian Lauren

16Housework Is Work Directly Opposed To The Possibility Of Human Self Actualization. Ann Oakley

  • 17Housework Is What A Woman Does That Nobody Notices Unless She Hasn’t Done It. Evan Esar

Best Quotes On Cleanliness

18Cleanliness Is The Luxury Of The Poor.

19 Clean Your Own Yard First Before Asking Others To Clean Theirs.

Motivational Quotes For Cleanings

20Clean Out A Corner Of Your Mind And Creativity Will Instantly Fill It. Dee Hock

Motivational Quotes For Cleanings

  • 21Cleanliness Begins With Purity Of Your Own Mind, Thoughts And Heart.

22Everyone Wants To Save The Earth; No One Wants To Help Mom Do The Dishes.

23 Keep Calm And Maintain Cleanliness.

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24Cleanliness Is The Scourge Of Art. Craig Brown

25Keep The Nature Clean To Save Future.

26 Let Your Home Be A Heavenly Paradise.

Motivational Status For Cleanings

27 All People Have The Ability To Be A Monster, Some Choose Not To Be That Way. Rae Achton

  • 28 Lit The Lamp Of Cleanliness To Spread The Light Of Godliness.

29If A Child’s Hands Are Clean, He Can Eat With Elders.

  • 30After All, Perhaps Dirt Isn’t Really So Unhealthy As One Is Brought Up To Believe.

31To Hell With Circumstances. I Create Opportunities. Bruce Lee

  • 32 To Keep The Air Fresh Among Words Is The Secret Of Verbal Cleanliness. Dejan Stojanovic

33 Be Clean And Remain Away From The Flithy Mind.

Quotes On Cleanliness Of Environment

34Clean People And Healthy People Can Make A Wealthy Country.

Quotes On Cleanliness Of Environment

35Cleanliness Needn’t Involve Costliness.

36 Character Must Be Kept Bright As Well As Clean.

  • 37 Take Bath, Brush Your Teeth, Feel Good From Your Head To Your Feet.

38 Put The Trash In The Can, Man.

  • 39 Be Strong In Body, Clean In Mind, lofty In Ideals.

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40 No Day Is Better Than Today To Take The Pledge Of Cleanliness.

41Clean Earth, Green Earth Should Be Our Aim Worth.

42 Clean Your Hands Very Well Before Eating Anything!

  • 43 Cleanliness Is The Hallmark Of Perfect Standards And The Best Quality Inspector Is The Conscience.

44Cleanliness Everywhere Shows Our Godliness.

  • 45To Keep The Air Fresh Among Words Is The Secret Of Verbal Cleanliness.

46A Swachh Bharat Is The Best Tribute To Mahatma Gandhi.

  • 47Civilization Is The Distance That The Man Has Placed Between Himself And One Excreta. Brian W. Aldis

Quotes On Cleanliness In English

48The State Of Our Surroundings, Tells The Conditions Of Our Soul. Lailah Gifty Akita

49 Clean Your Mind And Our Country Will Automatically Get Dry Cleaned.

50Don’t Call The World Dirty Because You Forgot To Clean Your Glasses.

51It Is Our Duty To Save Our Environment’s Beauty.

  • 52Make Your Environment Clean For Your Future Teen.

53 We Need To Be A Team To Fulfil The Dream Of Clean.

  • 54Civilisation Is The Distance That Man Has Placed Between Himself And His Own Excreta.

Cleanliness Quotes With Pictures

55If You Go Long Enough Without A Bath, Even The Fleas Will Leave You Alone.

  • 56Clean Your Own Doorstep Before You Clean Someone Else’s.

57 Be Careless In Your Dress If You Will, But Keep A Tidy Soul. Mark Twain

58Clean Your Finger Before You Point At My Spots. Benjamin Franklin

  • 59To Keep The Air Fresh Among Words Is The Secret Of Verbal Cleanliness. Djan Stojanovic

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  • 60He Citizens Must Begin To Work To Clean The City And Country Of Any Dirt. Lailah Gifty Akita

61 Clean Communities, Healthy Citizens. Lailah Gifty Akita

62 Only Your Real Friends Will Tell You When Your Face Is Dirty.

  • 63 Cleanliness In The Cat World Is Usually A Virtue Put Above Godliness.

64It Is At Home, Not In Public, That One Washes His Dirty Linen.

Best Quotes On Cleanliness

  • 65Sweeping Only Moves The Dust Somewhere Else. Marty Rubin

66Please, I’d Rather Not See Us Both Get Caught With Cleaning Up That Could Take Years. Dwight Yoakam

  • 67 Clean People And Healthy People Can Make A Wealthy Country.

68Cleaning And Organizing Is A Practice Not A Project. Meagan Francis

69 Cleanliness Makes It Easier To See The Details.

70Maintain A Clean And Strong Character.

71Cleanliness Becomes More Important When Godliness Is Unlikely.

72Don’t Call He World Dirty Because You Forgot To Clean Your Glasses.

  • 73 By Polluting Clear Water With Smile You Will Never Find Good Drinking Water.

74•  If You Have Debt I’m Willing To Bet That  General Clutter Is A Problem For You Too. Suze Orman

75Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For. Unknown

  • 76Don’t Throw Away Used And Waste Materials Outside, Like Roads, Public Places Etc.

77 Give Your City Clean Look To Maintain The Dream Book.

78 Today Is The Best Day To Pledge For Cleanliness.

Proverbs On Cleanliness

79Stay Clean, To Avoid Being A Public Menace.

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80 Keep Our Motherland Clean It Keeps You Healthy.

  • 81East And West Cleanliness Is The Best! Let Clean Our Mess, With Our Best!

  • 82Cleaning And Organizing Is A Practice Not A Project.

83A Silk Dress Doesn’t Mean Clean Undergarments.

84To Keep The Air Fresh Among Words Is The Secret Of Verbal Cleanliness.

84Cleanliness Means Safe Health Of Your Family.

85 Say Yes To Cleanliness, Say No To Diseases.

  • 86Yesterday We Smoked Green, Today We Keep It Clean. Be Green Or You’re Mean.

87 Maintain Cleanliness, To Gain Health And Happiness.

88The Green Earth, Clean Earth Is Our Dream Worth.

89Cleanliness Is Everyone’s Duty To Enhance Nature’s Beauty.

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