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Queen Quotes

1. “Come On, Fight Me As A Queen Would.” – Rebecca Ross

2. “You Can Only Be A Queen When You Know How To Govern Yourself.” – Unknown

3. “I Am A Queen, And I Demand To Be Treated Like A Queen.”Sheila Jackson Lee

4. “I Love Photo Sessions. I’m Alone, I’m The Queen, Everyone’s Taking Care Of Me.“ – Eva Herzigova

Best Queen Quotes

5. “Once A King Or Queen Of Narnia, Always A King Or Queen Of Narnia.“ – C.S. Lewis

Queen Quotes For Instagram

6. “When The Queen Says ‘Well Done,’ It Means So Much.” – Prince William

7. “It’s Great To Be Queen” – Helen Mirren

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8. “Be Your Own Queen Of Movement” – Armin Houman

9. “The Pearl Is The Queen Of Gems And The Gem Of Queens.” – Unknown

10. “In Every Woman, There Is A Queen. Speak To The Queen And The Queen Will Answer.” – Norwegian Proverb

11. “It’s Like Chess, You Know. The Queen Saves The King.” – Terry Pratchett

Famous Queen Quotes

12. “What Makes You Different Or Weird – That’s Your Strength.”- Meryl Streep

13. “You Can Be The King, But Watch The Queen Conquer.” – Nicki Minaj

14. “Nothing Liberates Our Greatness Like The Desire To Help, The Desire To Serve.” – Marianne Williamson

Best Queen Quotes

15. “I Am Definitely The Queen. I Definitely See Myself As The Queen.” – Lil’ Kim

16. “I Will Do What Queens Do, I Will Rule.” – Daenerys Targaryen

17. “If They Love You For Anything, It Will Be For Your Beauty.”- Melissa Bashardoust

17. “You Don’t Turn Your Back On Your Destiny.” – Trine Villemann

18. “There Was Once A Time When Darkness Shrouded The World, And The Darkness Had A Queen.“ – Marie Lu

19. “The Queen Is By Much The Most Powerful Of The Forces.” – Howard Staunton

Queen Quotes For Instagram

20. “Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting Different Results.” – Albert Einstein Quotes

21. “No Queen With A Frozen Heart Is Fit To Rule Any Country.” – L. Frank Baum

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22. “Content Is King, But Marketing Is Queen, And Runs The Household.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

23. “Opinion Is The Queen Of The World.” – Blaise Pascal

23. Queens Aren’t Defeated By The Pain, They Turn It Into Power.

24. “Don’t Be A Drag. Just Be A Queen.” – Lady Gaga

25. “If You Want To Be A King, You Must First Kneel Before Your Queen.”- MissTammy Cantellia

26. “Being Brave Means That Knowing When You Fail, You Won’t Fail Forever.” – Lana Del Rey

Success Queen Quotes

27. “Every Queen Is A Woman, But Not Every Woman Is A Queen.” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

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27. “A True Plague Of A Girl. And Yet A Queen In Every Sense Of The Word.” – Renee Ahdieh

28. “The Strength Of A Kingdom Comes From Its King, The Strength Of A King Comes From His Queen.” – Cody Edward Lee

29. “A Man Who Treats His Women Like A Princess Is Proof That He Was Raised By A Queen.” – Wiz Khalifa

30. “If You Want Something Said, Ask A Man; If You Want Something Done, Ask A Woman.” – Margaret Thatcher

31. “Woman Is The Companion Of Man, Gifted With Equal Mental Capacity.” – Mahatma Gandhi

32. “I Didn’t Know What I Wanted To Do, But I Always Knew The Woman I Wanted To Be.”- Diane Von Furstenberg

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33. “I Didn’t Know What I Wanted To Do, But I Always Knew The Woman I Wanted To Be.”- Diane Von Furstenberg

34. “A King And Queen Cannot Support A Crown With Eyes Looking Down. Their Universe Expands As Far As You Can See.“ – T.F. Hodge

35. “Her Hair Is Full Of Icy Wind And Daylight. She Is Every Princess, Every Queen, In The History Book.” – Lauren DeStefano

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36. “To Be A Queen Of A Household Is A Powerful Thing.” – Jill Scott

37. “When The Whole Point Of A Queen Was To Be Original.” – Freddie Mercury

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38. “The Queen Is The Only Person Who Can Put On A Tiara With One Hand, While Walking Down Stairs.” – Princess Margaret

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39. “I Have To Be Seen To Be Believed.” – Queen Elizabeth II

40. “A Queen Loves Where She Must Not Where She Will.”- George R.R. Martin

41. “Sometimes You Have To Sacrifice Your Queen To Capture The King.” – Aimee Carter

42. “Distance Sometimes Lets You Know Who Is Worth Keeping, And Who Is Worth Letting Go.” – Lana Del Rey

43. “My Name Is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. And I Am The Queen Of Terrasen.” – Sarah J. Maas

44. “Perhaps I Cannot Make My People Good, She Told Herself, But I Should At Least Try To Make Them A Little Less Bad.” – George R.R. Martin

45. “Every Woman Is A Queen, And We All Have Different Things To Offer.“ – Queen Latifah

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46. “You Better Treat Her Like Your Queen, If You Want To Be Treated Like A King.” – Moosa Rahat

47. “The Queen Is The Ultimate Dictator.“ – Morrissey

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48. “Life Is For Living And Working At. If You Find Anything Or Anybody A Bore, The Fault Is In Yourself.“ – Queen Elizabeth I

49. “This Is The Lord’s Doing, And It Is Marvelous In Our Eyes.“ – Queen Elizabeth I

50. “They Don’t Want A Princess. They Want A War Queen.“ – JM Robison

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