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Best 60+ Puzzle Quotes 2023 / Puzzle Quotes About Life

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Puzzle Quotes

1. “Every Piece Of The Puzzle That Doesn’t Fit Gets You Closer To The Answer.” – Cynthia Lewis

2. “I Am A Woman Of Many Talents And They’re All Just Pieces Of The Puzzle That Make Me And Make My Career.” Michelle Phillips

3. “A Puzzle Is Not A Dead-End.” – Lewis N. Roe

4. “One More Piece Of Sky In The Jigsaw Puzzle Of Our School.” – Author: Em Bailey

5. “ The Real Question One Should Ask When Presented With A Puzzle Is, ‘Should I Solve It? Do I Really Need To Know The Answer? ” – Tony DiTerlizzi

6. “Nothing Puzzles Me More Than Time And Space And Yet Nothing Troubles Me Less.”- Charles Lamb

Puzzle Quotes About Life

7. “You Wouldn’t Want To Trade The Eternal Loop Of Your Life For An Infinite Loop In The World Of Ideas, Would You?” – Joe K

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8. “Just Because You’re Puzzled, Doesn’t Mean Life’s Jagged Edges Won’t Still Fall Into Place For You.” – Curtis Tyrone Jones

8. “Have You Seen The New Polish Jigsaw Puzzle? One Piece.” – Henny Youngman

9. “We Are All A Part Of A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle.”

10. “We All Carry Some Missing Pieces Of Someone Else’s Puzzle.”

11. “There Are Certain Truths That Occurs To Us, Which We Cannot Convey In Words, But Requires A Personal Experience To Grasp More Vividly. ” – Michael Bassey Johnson

Puzzle Quotes About Life
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Best Puzzle Quotes
  • 13. “That’s Why I Was Always Maniacal About Transforming Every Problem Into A Puzzle Which I Can Solve. I Can Solve A Puzzle Problem Just Stresses Me Out.” – Quincy Jones

  • 14. “Life Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle; Not A “Box Of Chocolate” You Have To Put The Pieces Together To Get The ‘Real’ Picture. – Andrea L’Artiste

Best Puzzle Quotes

  • 15. “I Wanna Make A Jigsaw Puzzle That’s 40,000 Pieces. And When You Finish It, It Says, ‘Go Outside’. – Demetri Martin

  • 16. “God’s Will Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle, You Won’t Be Able To See The Whole Picture Until All The Pieces Are Together.” – Danny L. Deaube

  • 17. “Marriage Is Very Difficult. Marriage Is Like A Five-Thousand-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, All Sky.” – Cathy Ladman

  • 18.  “Every Film Is A Puzzle Really, From An Editorial Point Of View.”

  • 19.  “Most Of The Places I’ve Been, I’ve Been A Main Piece Of The Puzzle.”

  • 20.  “You Are A Piece Of The Puzzle.”

  • 21.  “The Puzzle Of The Universe Would Be Incomplete Without Us.”

  • 22.  “ The World’s A Puzzle; No Need To Make Sense Out Of It.” – Socrates

  • 23. “Don’t Lie. Life Is A Puzzle And We Are All Unique Pieces. When You Lie, You Make It Impossible To Find Your True Place In The Grand Design. ” – Steve Maraboli

24. “Get Your Filthy Hands Off The Puzzle, You Little Brats!” – Kazuki Takahashi

25. “I Like To Think Of My Son As Having An Extra Puzzle Piece Rather Than Missing One.” – Stuart Duncan

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26. “Faith Is A Puzzle Meant To Take Someone’s Entire Life To Complete.” – A.D. Aliwat

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27. “Missing Pieces Do More Than Complete The Puzzle, They Fill In An Empty Space.” – Luane Rice

28. “I Am Always Looking For Some Clue, Some Easily Missed Sign That Might Just Be The Missing Piece In The Puzzle.” – Oliver Harris

29. “The Whole Thing Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle, But There Are Too Many Missing Pieces To Solve It.” – Lemony Snicket

30. “We Have To Build Our Lives As If We Were Putting Together A Jigsaw.”

31. “Life Often Seems To Consist Of Unrelated Pieces.”

32. “The Problem Is That We Always Look For The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle Instead Of Finding A Place For The One In Our Hand.” – Aina Radoi

33. “It Really Puzzles Me. We Get Our Hits With Runners In Scoring Position, But They’re Not Driving In Runs.” – Lloyd Mc Clendon

34.“It Is Really A Puzzle What Drives One To Take One’s Work So Devilishly Seriously.” – Albert Einstein

Famous Puzzle Quotes

35. “A Cat Is Like A Puzzle With No Solution.” – Anne Campbell

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Puzzle Quotes In English

36. “I Don’t Think There Is A Hidden Purpose To The Universe That You Have To Puzzle Out.” – Robert Fulghum

37. “Life Isn’t A Puzzle To Be Solved. It’s An Adventure To Be Savored.” – Sherrilyn Kenyon

38. “The Solution Often Turns Out More Beautiful Than The Puzzle.” – Richard Dawkins

39. “As Long As I Have A Glimpse Of Sky, I Can Tolerate Almost Any Hardship.” – Alex Landragin

40. “Transfer The Point Of Concentration To Some Object Outside Of Yourself – Another Person, A Puzzle, A Broken Plate That You Are Gluing.” – Sanford Meisner

41. “Finding Your Style Is Like Putting Puzzle Pieces Together.” – Lara Spencer

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42. “A Puzzle Challenges The Player To Get From A Problem To A Solution.” – Ernest Adams

Latest Puzzle Quotes

43. “Anyone Who Falls In Love Is Searching For The Missing Pieces Of Themselves.” – Haruki Murakami

44. “Thoughts And Emotions Are The Glue That Holds Together This Puzzle We Call Life.” – J.R. Incer

45. “The World Is A Puzzle, And We Cannot Solve It Alone.” – Lemony Snicket

46.“I Feel The Human Mind Is A Jigsaw Puzzle That I Will Never Be Able To Solve.” – Carolyn Jess-Cooke

47. “I Love The English Language, Playing With Words, Watching Sentences Fit Together Like Pieces Of A Jigsaw Puzzle.” – Jane Green

48. “Nothing Is As Satisfying As Those Moments Of Breakthrough When You Discover Something About Yourself And The Universe That Adds Another Piece To The Jigsaw Puzzle. The Joy Of Discovery Is Delicious.” – Susan Jeffers

49. “Every Day Is Sort Of A Jigsaw Puzzle. You Have To Make Sure That You’re Putting The Most Important Things First.”

50. “Puzzle Pieces Don’t Always Connect Do They?”

51. “Our Brain Is The Most Challenging Piece Of The Jigsaw.”

52. “Not Every Puzzle Is Intended To Be Solved. Some Are In Place To Test Your Limits. Others Are, In Fact, Not Puzzles At All.” – Vera Nazarian

Puzzle Quotes In English

53. “Love Is Like A Puzzle Hard To Piece Together.”

“Im Going To Be Eighty Soon, And I Guess The One Thing That Puzzles Me Most Is How Quick It Got Here.” – Roy Acuff

54. “Golf Is A Puzzle Without An Answer.” – Gary Player

55. “I’ll Never Get Why The Earth Is A Puzzle That I’ll Never Fit.” — Kid Cudi

56. “If One Lie Or One Theft Qualify One As A Liar Or A Thief; Why Does One Truth Or One Honesty Not Qualify One As Truthful Or Honest? Puzzling!” – Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

57. “Everyone Is Here Because He Or She Has A Place To Fill, And Every Piece Must Fit Itself Into The Big Jigsaw Puzzle.” – Deepak Chopra

58. “Life Is A Puzzle. Every Piece Fits Together To Create Who We Are, What We Do, How We Feel. Every Experience Shapes Us Into Who We Will Eventually Become.” – Kyle

59. “A Good Puzzle Can Give You All The Pleasure Of Being Duped That A Mystery Story Can.” – Stefen Sondheim

Amazing Puzzle Quotes

60. -“The Best Way To Do A Jigsaw, When You Don’t Have The Image To Work Off, Is To Start From The Outside, The Sides And The Four Corners.” – Daniel Sloss

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