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Proud Quotes

▪️ “Be Proud Of Your Choices, Not Your Gifts.” – Jeff Bezos

▪️ “There Will Be Always Some Extraordinary People In Our Lives With Whom We Are Proud To Be Living In The Same Époque With Them!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

▪️ “I Am Proud To Have Been Capable Of Giving People Hope Again.” – Francois Hollande

▪️ “I’m Proud Of Myself, People Love Me And Respect Me, And I Like Me. I Like Who I Am.” Ellen Greene

▪️ “A Proud Man Is Seldom A Grateful Man, For He Never Thinks He Gets As Much As He Deserves.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Best Proud Quotes

▪️ “Some Day You Will Look Back At Your Struggling Days And Feel Proud Of What You Have Achieved.” – Avijeet Das

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▪️ “I’m Most Proud Of The Fact That I Get To Keep Growing.” – Paula Scher

▪️ “I’m Proud That Somebody Like Myself Has Made It To The Very Top.” – Christine Lagarde

▪️ “I’m So Proud Of You That It Makes Me Proud Of Me. I Hope You Know That.” – John Green

▪️ “When People Are Proud Of Their Speech, Be Proud Of Your Silence.” – Luqman

▪️ “It Doesn’t Matter: Any Weight, Shape Or Form Or However Your Body Is, You Want To Be Proud Of It.” – Ali KriegerThey Say That Pride Is A Sin, But That Is Still The Best Word To Describe How I Feel About You.

▪️ “A Proud Man Is Always Looking Down On Things And People; And, Of Course, As Long As You Are Looking Down, You Cannot See Something That Is Above You. – C. S. Lewis

Latest Proud Quotes

▪️ “Though Fallen Down, Be Proud Your Mustache Is Not Muddled” – Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

▪️ “The Way To Be Happy Is To Like Yourself, And The Way To Like Yourself Is To Do Only Things That Make You Proud.” – Mark S. Lewis

▪️ “One Thing That I Am Proud Of: I Am Really Capable Of Laughing At Myself.” – Penelope Cruz

▪️ “If You Do Something Awesome, You Should Be Proud Of Yourself.” – Damon Lindelof

▪️ “They May Never Say It, But Your Parents Really Are Proud Of You When You Follow Your Heart And Chase Your Dreams.” – Robert Cheeke

▪️ “It’s Good To Be Noticed When You Are Proud Of Your Work.” – David Eigenberg

Proud Quotes For Success

▪️ “Be Proud Of Yourself. Try To Eat Well And When You Cheat, Enjoy It!” – Diane Von Furstenberg

▪️ “I’m So Proud Of You My Love. You Make Me Happy In A Way No One Could Ever Have. You’re My Forever Happy Place.” – Unknown

▪️ “I Could Easily Forgive His Pride, If He Had Not Mortified Mine.” – Jane Austen

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▪️ “Wealth Is A Gift From God, And Pride Is Bequeathed To Us From The Devil.” – Douglas Wilson

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Motivational Proud Quotes

▪️ “It Takes Strength To Be Proud Of Yourself And To Accept Yourself When You Know That You Have Something Out Of The Ordinary About You.” – Abigail Tarttelin

▪️ “You Don’t Have To Be Famous. You Just Have To Make Your Mother And Father Proud Of You.” – Meryl Streep

  • “Always Work Hard, Be Honest, And Be Proud Of Who You Are.” – Patricia Velasquez

Famous Proud Quotes

  • “Someday You Will Look Back At Your Struggling Days And Feel Proud Of What You Have Achieved.” – Avijeet Das

  • “If You Can Look In Your Mother’s Eyes And She’s Proud Of You, Then You’re A Champion.” – George Foreman

  • “A Humble Sinner Is Better Than A Proud Saint.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

  • “Our Struggles Make Us The Man Or Woman We Can Be Proud Of. – Avijeet Das

  • “I’m Proud, I’ve Been Working With This Kind Of Self-Sacrificing People Like You.” – Islom Karimov

Best Proud Quotes

  • “I Want To Be Known For What I Am, Black And White, Because I’m Proud Of Both.” Logic

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  • “Your Best Champion And Cheerleader Is Yourself. Always Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments, Big Or Small.” – Ayanna Howard

  • “I Like To See A Man Proud Of The Place In Which He Lives. I Like To See A Man Live So That His Place Will Be Proud Of Him.” – Abraham Lincoln

Proud Quotes For Self

  • “The One Thing I Am Most Proud Of Myself Is That I Know How To Keep My Cool And Not Be Intimidated – Anyone Can Be Beat.” – Perdita Felicien

▪️ “I’m Most Proud Of Having Created Something That Men Never Completely Get.” – Cthy Guisewite

▪️ “Be Proud Of Your Scars. They Remind You That You Have The Will To Live.” – Paulo Coelho

▪️ “Success Is A Process For All Of Us, And As Long As You Are Making Consistent Progress Towards Your Goals – Sincerely Giving Your Best Effort More Often Than Not – Then You Are Already Successful And Deserve To Feel Proud Of Yourself.” – Hal Elrod

▪️ “There Are Things That You Think About In Your Life That You’re Proud Of, Some Things That You’re Not Proud Of.” – Jim Kelly

▪️ “I Am Proud To Be A Role Model For My Viewers. I Am Finding Out That Helping Victims Is As Or More Rewarding The All The Awards I Win.” – Mariska Hargitay

▪️ “You Don’t Have To Be Famous. You Just Have To Make Your Mother And Father Proud Of You.” Meryl Streep

▪️ “The Intelligent Man Who Is Proud Of His Intelligence Is Like The Condemned Man Who Is Proud Of His Large Cell.” – Simone Weil

You Make Us Proud Quotes

▪️ “The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

▪️ “Take Pride In What You Do, Because The World Is Enough To Make You Feel Guilty For Things You Have Not Done!” – Somya Kedia

▪️ “Money Is Cool, But Being Proud Of Yourself Is Something That’s So Rare.” – Lucas Till

▪️ “Some Of The Things I’m Most Proud Of, It Isn’t Because I Think It’s My Best Work; It’s Because Of Something That It’s Taught Me.” – Troy Baker

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▪️ “We’re All Proud Of Making Little Mistakes. It Gives Us The Feeling We Don’t Make Any Big Ones.” – Andy Rooney

▪️ “A Person Who Is Too Proud In Love Will Suffer From The Devastating Bitterness In The End.” – Eraldo Banovac

▪️ “The Most Important Thing Is To Be Proud Of The Work That You Put Into Something, And Put The Ego Aside.” – Alicia Keys

▪️ “Be Proud Of Your Place In The Cosmos. It Is Small, And Yet, It Is.” – Cecil Palmer

Feeling Proud Quotes For Students

▪️ “The Pain In Your Muscles And The Sweat In Your Brow After Doing A Work The Hard And Honest Way Make You Feel Proud Of Yourself. – Avijeet Das

▪️ “Innerstand This: Life Could Be Great If You Did More Things You’re Proud Of.” – Kierra C.T. Banks

▪️ “We Will Always Remember. We Will Always Be Proud. We Will Always Be Prepared, So We Will Always Be Free.” – Ronald Reagan

▪️ “Look Back At Where You Came From And Let Yourself Feel Proud About Your Progress.” – Anonymous

▪️ “Happiness Is A Very Proud Word Of Our Whole Cultural Heritage.” – Erich Fromm

▪️ “Humility Is Nothing But Truth, And Pride Is Nothing But Lying.” – St. Vincent De Paul

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Proud Quotes For Success

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Proud Quotes For Friend Success

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▪️ “The Devil The Prowde Spirite Cannot Endure To Be Mocked.” – Thomas Moore

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