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Power Of Prayer Quotes

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Power Of Prayer Quotes

▪️ “The Greatest Answer To Prayer Is That I Am Brought Into A Perfect Understanding With God, And That Alters My View Of Actual Things.” – Oswald Chambers

▪️ “Prayers Are The Very Highest Energy Of Which The Mind Is Capable.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

▪️ “My Prayer Is That God Would Continue To Love Me Enough To Refuse To Answer The Prayers I’m Praying That I Shouldn’t Be Praying.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

▪️ “If You Do All The Talking When You Pray, How Will You Ever Hear God’s Answers?” – Aiden Wilson Tozer

Best Power Of Prayer Quotes

▪️ “Prayer Is The Raising Of One’s Mind And Heart To God Or The Requesting Of Good Things From God.” – St. John Damascene

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▪️ “If The Only Prayer You Ever Say In Your Whole Life Is ‘Thank You’ That Would Suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

▪️ “More Things Are Wrought By Prayer Than This World Dreams Of.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

▪️ “The Powerful Promise Of God’s Presence When We Pray With Others Is Too Great A Gift To Ignore.” – Stormie Omartian

▪️ “Your Prayer For Someone May Or May Not Change Them, But It Always Changes You.” – Craig Groeschel

▪️ “Keep Praying, But Be Thankful That God’s Answers Are Wiser Than Your Prayers!” – William Culbertson

▪️ “Do Not Work So Hard For Christ That You Have No Strength To Pray, For Prayer Requires Strength.” – J. Hudson Taylor

▪️ “To Be A Christian Without Prayer Is No More Possible Than To Be Alive Without Breathing.” – Martin Luther

▪️ “Prayer Is More Than A Wish; It Is The Voice Of Faith Directed To God.” – Billy Graham

Inspirational Prayer Quotes

▪️ “Work As If You Were To Live A Hundred Years, Pray As If You Were To Die Tomorrow.” – Benjamin Franklin

▪️ “Of All The Things Christ Wants For Us, Loving Him And Focusing Our Attention On Him Are The Most Important.” – Charles Stanley

▪️ “History Is Silent About Revivals That Did Not Begin With Prayer.” – Edwin Orr

▪️ “We Are Either In The Process Of Resisting God’s Truth Or In The Process Of Being Shaped And Molded By His Truth.” – Charles Stanley

▪️ “Prayer Creates A Personal Change In Your Life. Nothing You Can Do Will Benefit You More Than Prayer.” – David Yonggi Cho

▪️ “If You Have Faith, Don’t Overlook The Power Of Just Praying For Strength Every Day.” – Jennifer Roskamp

▪️ “Change Can Be Accomplished Most Of All Through The Power Of Prayer, Because With God All Things Are Possible.” – Wilferd Peterson

▪️ “When We Wait On The Lord In Prayer, All Of Heaven Moves Into Action.” – Blake Penson

▪️ “If We Would Turn The Time We Spent Discussing The Other’s Life Into Prayer Time Instead, No Telling What Would Happen To The Glory Of God.” – Beth Moore

▪️ “It Is Not Well For A Man To Pray Cream And Live Skim Milk.” – Henry Ward Beecher

▪️ “Never Underestimate The Power Of Prayer.”

▪️ “God Can Handle Your Doubt, Anger, Fear, Grief, Confusion, And Questions. You Can Bring Everything To Him In Prayer.” – Rick Warren

▪️ “Prayer Is The First Thing, The Second Thing, The Third Thing Necessary To A Minister. Pray, Then My Dear Brother; Pray, Pray, Pray.” – Edward Payson

Best Quotes On The Power Of Prayer

▪️ “Prayer Is Not Overcoming God’s Reluctance, But Laying Hold Of His Willingness.” – Martin Luther

Best Power Of Prayer Quotes
Inspirational Prayer Quotes
Best Quotes On The Power Of Prayer
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Top Power Of Prayer Quotes
  • “We Are Much Better Off Trusting Him To Give Us What We Need When We Need It, And When We’re Ready For It.”
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  • Try Praying And Ask God To Show You In His Word What You Should Do About Anything You Need To Know About. – Mary DeKok Blowers

  • “Pray Till Prayer Makes You Forget Your Own Wish, And Leave It Or Merge It In God’s Will.” – Frederick William Robertson

  • “God Does Nothing But By Prayer, And Everything With It.” – John Wesley

  • “We Should Not Pray For The Sky To Be Our Limit, For We Are Limitless.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

  • “I Believe In Prayer. It’s The Best Way We Have To Draw Strength From Heaven.” – Josephine Baker

Thoughts On Power Of Prayer With Explanation

  • “Prayers Don’t Need To Be Long And Eloquent. They Need Only Come From A Sincere And Humble Heart.”

  • “Prayer Has The Power To Bring Anything To You.”

  • “Prayer Enlarges The Heart Until It Is Capable Of Containing God’s Gift Of Himself.” – Mother Theresa

  • “The Wish To Pray Is A Prayer In Itself.” – Georges Bernanos

  • “Work As If Everything Depends On You. Pray As If Everything Depends On God.” – St. Ignatius Loyola

  • “Prayer Is The Mighty Engine That Is To Move The Missionary Work.” – A.B. Simpson

  • “When You Are In The Dark, Listen, And God Will Give You A Very Precious Message.” – Oswald Chambers

  • “All Vital Praying Makes A Drain On A Man’s Vitality. True Intercession Is A Sacrifice, A Bleeding Sacrifice.” – J.H. Jowett

  • “A Powerful Prayer Is One That Does Not Let Go. It Does Not Quit. It Is Profitable And Powerful Because It Is Persistent.” – Michael Catt

Thoughts On Power Of Prayer With Explanation

▪️ “I Believe In Prayer. It’s The Best Way We Have To Draw Strength From Heaven.” – Josephine Baker

Cool Power Of Prayer Quotes
Motivational Power Of Prayer Quotes
Great Motivational Power Of Prayer Quotes
Great Power Of Prayer Quotes
Power Of Prayer Thoughts

▪️ “If You Spend Time Praying For People Instead Of Talking About Them, You’ll Get Better Results.”

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▪️ “If Your Day Is Hemmed In With Prayer, It Is Less Likely To Come Unraveled.” – Cynthia Lewis

▪️ “When We Seek First His Kingdom, That’s When So Many Other Things Fall Into Place.”

▪️”Prayer Is Putting Oneself Under God’s Influence.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

▪️ “Don’t Pray When You Feel Like It. Have An Appointment With The Lord And Keep It. A Man Is Powerful On His Knees.” – Corrie Ten Boom

Famous Power Of Prayer Quotes

▪️ “God Speaks To Those Who Take Time To Listen, And He Listens To Those Who Take Time To Pray.”

▪️ “God Hears Our Silent Prayers.”

▪️ “It Is Really Beautiful When Someone Prays For You Without You Knowing. It’s The Highest Form Of Respect And Care.”

▪️ “If You Prayed As Much As You Worried, You’d Have Much Less To Worry About.”

▪️ “Rich Is The Person Who Has A Praying Friend.” – Janice Hughes

▪️ “Don’t Forgot To Pray Today, Because God Didn’t Forget To Wake You Up This Morning.”

▪️ “Anything Is A Blessing Which Makes Us Pray.” – Charles Spurgeon

▪️ “Prayer Does Not Fit Us For The Greater Work Prayer Is The Greater Work.” – Oswald Chambers

▪️ “When Your Heart Is Broken, You Plant Seeds In The Cracks And You Pray For Rain.”

▪️ “Prayer Should Not Be Regarded As A Duty Which Must Be Performed, But Rather As A Privilege To Be Enjoyed, A Rare Delight That Is Always Revealing Some New Beauty.” – E.M. Bounds

▪️ “You Know The Value Of Prayer It Is Precious Beyond All Price. Never, Never Neglect It.” – Sir Thomas Buxton

▪️ “What Wings Are To A Bird And Sails To A Ship, So Is Prayer To The Soul.” – Corrie Ten Boom

▪️ “Prayer Is The Exercise Of Drawing On The Grace Of God.” – Oswald Chambers

▪️ “I Have Lived To Thank God That Not All My Prayers Have Been Answered.” – Jean Ingelow

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▪️ “Prayer Does Not Change God, It Changes Us. It Deepens Insight, Increases Intuitive Perception, Expands Consciousness. It Transforms Personality.” – Wilferd A. Peterson

▪️ “Many Prayers In Liturgical Texts Have Strong Biblical Roots. The Lord’s Prayer Directly Comes From The Gospel.” – Adrian Ryan Lyons

▪️ “To Be A Christian Without Prayer Is No More Possible Than To Be Alive Without Breathing.” – Martin Luther

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