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Joker Quotes In English

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Joker Quotes In English

1 If Someone Hates You For No Reason, Give That “Jerk” A Reason.

  • 2 I Know The Truth, There’s No Going Back.

Give A Man A Mask

3 Give A Man A Mask, And He’ll Become His True Self.

  • 4 Desire Becomes Surrender, Surrender Becomes Power.

5 You See, In Their Last Moments, People Show You Who They Really Are.

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  • 6 My Past Taught Me How To Be Strong.

Joker Quotes About Pain

7 I’m Tired Of Following Orders, It’s Time To Build My Own “Empire”.

  • 8 I have Given A Name To My Pain, And It Is Batman.

Joker Quotes For Friendship

9 “I Now Do What Other People Only Dream.” Joker

10Everybody Has A Chapter ,They Don’t Read Out Loud.

  • 11 I Suppose I’m Going To Have To Teach You A Lesson.

Attitude Joker Quotes

12 An Idiot With A Plan Can Beat A Genius Without A Plan.

  • 13 Its Not About Reply, Its All About Self Respect “Baby”.

14 Do You Want To Know Why I Use A Knife? Guns Are Too Quick.

15 The Only Sensible Way To Live In This World Is Without rules.

16 मेरी नज़रों में ठीक से देखो तुम्हे सच्चाई दिखाई देगी.

  • 17 मैं एक कुशल स्ट्राइकर हूं, लेकिन मैं कोई जोकर नहीं हूं.

Motivational Joker Quotes

18 Don’t Push Me. The Beast Inside Me It’s Sleeping Not Dead.

Quotes On Joker In English

19 It’s Not About Money, It’s About Sending A Message. Everything Burns!

  • 20 I Suppose I’m Going To Have To Teach You A Lesson.

Motivational Joker Quotes 

21 Damaged People Are Dangerous .They Know They Can Survive.

22 I Don’t Hurt People With a Lie , A Kill Them Truth.

Bro Your Age, Hight Is Not Matter

23 Bro Your Age, Hight Is Not Matter These Girl When You Rich.

  • 24 People Don’t Want To Hear The Truth, Because They Don’t Want Their Illusions Destroyed.

Best Joker Quotes In English

25 You Know What I Have Noticed? Nobody Panics When Things Go According To Plan.

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26 I Now Do What Other People Only Dream.

27 Don’t Ttalk Like One Of Them. You’re Not! Even If You’d Like To Be.

Motivational Joker Quotes

  • 28 Oh, You. You Just Couldn’t Let Me Go, Could You.

Best Joker Quotes

29You Know The Things They Have In Common? They Are Cheap.

30 यदि आप किसी चीज़ में अच्छे हैं, तो उसे कभी भी मुफ्त में न करें.

  • 31 बड़ा फर्क होता हैं हीरो और जोकर में, बड़ा असर होता हैं असफलताओं की ठोकर में.

32 Smile, Because It Confuses People. Smile, Its Easier Than Explaining What Is Killing You Inside.

Life Doesn’t Get Easier

33 Life Doesn’t Get Easier, You Just Get Stronger.

Best Motivational Joker Quotes

34“We Really Should Stop Fighting, We’ll Miss The Fireworks.”

  • 35Actions Always Prove Why Words Mean Nothing.

36 Dream As If You Will Live Forever ,Live As If You Will Die Today.

  • 37 I Am Dangerous When I Am Focused, And I Am Always Focused.

Famous Joker Quotes In English

38 सच्चाई ये नही की लोग बदल जाते है, सच्चाई ये है की लोगो के नकाब उतर जाते है.

39 लोग सफल इसलिए नहीं बनते क्योंकि वे अपने मन की बात नहीं सुनते.

40 Let’s Put A Smile On That Face!” And…Why So Serious?

41 You Have Nothing, Nothing To Threaten Me With.” Joker

  • 42 जो लोग साहसपूर्वक नहीं जीते उन्हें प्रतिदिन मरना पड़ता है.

Joker Quotes On Love

43 By Clinging To Reality, You’re Denying The Reality Of The Situation!

Joker Quotes smile

44 We Live In A World, Where Words Can Kill.

45 An Idiot With A Plan Can Beat A Genius Without A Plan.

46 As You Know, Madness Is Like Gravity. All It Takes Is A Little Push.”

  • 47 We Mature With The Damage, Not With The Years.

48 You See, In Their Last Moments, People Show You Who They Really Are.

Joker Quotes That Make Sense

49 Make Me Control My Anger Because It’s Only One Letter Away From Danger.

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50 कलम, वास्तव में, तलवार की तुलना में शक्तिशाली है.

Joker Quotes About Pain

51 Don’t Let People Know Too Much About You.

52 I Am Not Anti Social, I Am Celebrity Social.

53 I’m Not A Monster. I’m Just Ahead Of The Curve.

Best Motivational Joker Quotes In English

  • 54 You Remind Me Of My Father. I Hated My Father.

55 Don’t Play Crazy With Me, I’m A Lot Better At It.

56As My Plastic Surgeon Always Says; If You Gotta Go, Go With A Smile.

57They Need You Right Now, But When They Don’t, They’ll Cast You Out Like A Leper.”

Latest Joker Quotes In English

58 I Know The Truth, There’s No Going Back.

59 मुझे बैन से प्यार है, मैं जोकर से प्यार करता हूं, मुझे बैटमैन से प्यार है.

60तुम्हारा यह बदसूरत सिर, एक स्वक्ष दिमाग है. जोकर

61 If Nobody Hates You, You Are Doing Something Boring.

  • 62 Don’t Be Sorry I Trusted You, My Mistake Not Yours.

Best Joker Quotes In English

63 Does It Depress Uou? To Know Just How Alone They Really Are.

64 सारी उम्र मैं जोकर ही बनया रेया, तेरे पीछे ए जिंदगी सर्कस हो गई.

65इस दुनिया मे लाखों लोग हैं लेकिन मेरी तरह कोई नहीं.

66क्या आपने कभी, हँसी की चिकित्सा शक्ति के बारे में नहीं सुना है? जोकर

67 I Hope My Death Makes More Sense Cents Than My Life.

68 Be Forgiving, Be Understanding,but Don’t Be A Fool

  • 69कैसी भी परिस्थिति हो, हमेशा मुस्कुराते रहिये.

70 जोकर ही मेरा हर समय, पसंदीदा खलनायक के रूप में रहा है.

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