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Fake Love Quotes

1▪️ “His Hand Slides Around The Back Of My Neck, And Before I Can Panic, He Kisses Me Hard.”

2▪️ “Don’t Make Fake Promises If You Can’t Fulfill Them”

3▪️ “Do Not Be Afraid Of The Enemy Who Attacks You, But The False Friend Who Holds You In His Arms.”

4▪️ “It Is Usually Those Whose Love Is Fake That Have A Compulsion To Prove Their Love.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

True Love Vs Fake Love Quotes

5▪️ “Cut Off Fake People For Real Reasons, Not Real People For Fake Reasons.”

6▪️ “I Didn’t Fall In Love With You; I Fell In Love With The Person You Pretended To Be.”

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7▪️ “The Most Painful Memory When I Walked Away And You Let Me Go.”

Best Fake Love Quotes

8▪️ “People Are Lonely Because They Build Walls Instead Of Bridges.”

9▪️ “I Will Never Stop Caring, But If You Decide To Push Me Away, I Will Go.”

Real Love Or Fake Love Quotes

10▪️ “I Like To Listen To Sad Music When I’m Sad To Make Me Double Sad.”

11▪️ “I Wonder, The Memories That You Created With Me Were All Fake.”

12▪️ “Worst Feeling Is When You Find Out He Is Just Using You And You Can’t Do Anything Except Crying.”

13▪️ “It Hurts But It Is Good That It Ends Because Now I’m Happy That I’m Not In That Fake Relationship.”

14▪️ “Don’t Fall For Fake Smile Because You Don’t Know What Are They Hiding Behind Their Fake Smile.”

Fake Love Quotes with Images

15▪️ “If You Never Loved Me Then Why Did You Come In My Life”

16▪️ “Sometimes I Wonder Are The Memories That We Created Together Were All Fake.” – Shubham Shukla

True Love Vs Fake Love Quotes

17▪️ “What’s The Point Of Being Pretty Outdoors When You’re So Ugly Inside.” – Jess C. Scott

18▪️ “You Said, I Like You. I Said It Too. The Only Difference Is That I Did Not Lie To You.”

19▪️ “A Clear Rejection Is Always Better Than A False Promise.”

20▪️ “I Hate Those Who Play With The Feelings Of Others.” – Dominic Carey

21▪️ “There Are A Lot Of Fake Things In The World, But Before You Judge Them, Make Sure You Do Not Belong To Them.”

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22▪️ “I Don’t Need You To Add Scars In My Already Battered Heart.”

23▪️ “You Can’t Hurt Someone You Love.. And That’s How I Now Know You Truly Never Loved Me.” – Jarod Kintz

24▪️ “Just Be Honest With Me Or Stay Away From Me. It Is Not That Difficult.”

25▪️ “Don’t Fall For Fake Smile Because You Don’t Know What Are They Hiding Behind Their Fake Smile”

Showing Fake Love Quotes

26▪️ “Do Not Only Claim To Be Genuine, But You Will Be Revealed Someday In Life.”

27▪️ “It Is Better To Stay Lonely In Life Rather Than Having Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be With You”

Best Fake Love Quotes

28▪️ “Smile And No One Will See How Broken You Are Inside.”

29▪️ “Just Be Honest With Me Or Stay Away From Me. It Is Not So Difficult.”

30▪️ “I Wonder Who You Really Saw When You Held My Gaze And Said ‘I Love You.”

31▪️ “Fake Friends Show Their True Colors When They Don’t Need You Anymore. Be Aware.”

32▪️ “A Real Situation Will Always Expose A Fake Friend.”

33▪️ “They Don’t Like It When They Can’t Make You Feel Bad.”

Fake Fove Images

34▪️ “Real Love Will Make You Happy But Fake Love Will Only Give You Pain”

35▪️ “I Fall For Your Fake Love And Now My Heart Is Broken, I Learned My Lesson In Life”

36▪️ “I Thought You And I Are Perfect But How Stupid Was I’m That I Believe This Illusion”

Famous Fake Love Quotes

37▪️ “Being Single No Matter How Bad Is Still Better Than A Fake Relationship.”

38▪️ “Every Coin Has Two Sides, Just Like Most People Have Two Faces.”

39▪️ “Money Makes The World And Your Family Run.”

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40▪️ “I Am Constantly Concerned About Those Who Do Not Care About Me.”

41▪️ “Cut The Wrong People For Real Reasons, Not The Real Ones For False Reasons.”

Fake Love Quotesbts

42▪️ “I Feel So Far From The One I Want To Hold In My Arms.”

43▪️ “Stop Falling For Those Who Will Not Rise In The Future.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

44▪️ “Try Not To Be Killed And Pray For Healing, But Be A Killer And Pray For Forgiveness.” – Marwan Lasafar

45▪️ “Just Be Honest With Me Or Stay Away From Me. It Is Not That Difficult.”

46▪️ “I Thought I Know All About You But In The End, You Prove Me Wrong By Showing Your True Colors.”

47▪️ “Love Is When You Listen To A Song And It Relates 100% To How You Feel.”

48▪️ “I Care About You But You Never Care About Me And I Thought We Will Spend Our Entire Life Together.”

Fake Love Quotes With Images

49▪️ “Fake Is The New Trend And Everyone Seems To Be In Fashion.”

50▪️ “They Don’t Want To Do Anything For You, But They Want You To Do A Lot For Them.” – Vikrant Bhingardive

51▪️ “All The Lies And Pain You Put Me Through, I Know Now That Your Love Was Never True.”

52▪️ “No One Forced You To Love Me, So Why Did You Need To Pretend? Your Lies Have Left Me Heartbroken.” – Shami Paulin

53▪️ “I Hate Those Who Play With Feelings Of Others.”

55▪️ “I Know It’s Over And It Never Really Began, But In My Heart, It Was So Real.”

Fake Love Quotes With Pics

56▪️ “A Clear Rejection Is Always Better Than A False Promise.”

57▪️ “Love Could Never Be Faked, It Is Either Unclear Us Or Unfavourable Situations.”

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58▪️ “Don’t Fall For Pretty Faces And Fake Smiles. Fall For Kind Souls And Loyal Hearts.” – Shubham Shukla

59▪️ “You Cannot Force Someone To Love You. If It’s True It’ll Come From Within.”

60▪️ “I Do Not Hate You. I Am Just Disappointed.”
– Zakiya And Mahid

61▪️ “True Love Is What You Feel. You See It And You Show It! But False Love Is Just Words.”

62▪️ “In One Slick Move, He Shoves His Phone In His Pocket And Grabs Me So We’re In Front Of The Cabinet.”

Famous Fake Love Quotes

66▪️ “You Can’t Hurt Someone You Love And That’s How I Now Know You Truly Never Loved Me.” – Jarod Kintz

65▪️ “It Was My Mistake That I Fall In Love With Your Fake Smile.” – Unknown

63▪️ “Don’t Use Someone Just For Your Own Benefit Because You Don’t Know How Much It Hurts When They Will Know The Truth”

66▪️ “You Broke My Heart, You Hurt My Feelings And I Hope You Will Understand One Day Why It Hurts So Bad.”

67▪️ “Fake Loving People Don’t Surprise Me Anymore, Loyal Lovers Do.”

68▪️ “The Shit You Hear About Me Might Be True, But Then Again It Could Be As Fake As That Person Who Told You.”

69▪️ “Fear Makes Strangers Of People Who You Thought Were Friends.”

70▪️ “Don’t Make A Fool Of Yourself Being Faithful To Someone Who’s Playing You.”

71▪️ “The Less You Respond To Negative People, The More Peaceful Your Life Will Become.”

Fake Love Quotes For Instagram

72▪️ “Some Of The Most Poisonous People Come Disguised As Friends And Family.”

73▪️ “Don’t Pretend Just Be Real Because Someday In Life You Will Be Exposed”

74▪️ “Stop Falling For Those Who Won’t Raise You Up In The Future.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

75▪️ “I Gave You My Heart, I Just Didn’t Expect To Get It Back In Pieces.”

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76▪️ “You Broke My Heart, You Hurt My Feelings And I Hope You Will Understand One Day Why It Hurts So Bad.”

77▪️ “Why Must He Always Be The One You Love The Most, Who Strikes You The Hardest.”

78▪️ “There Are Many Fake Things In The World, But Before You Judge Them, Make Sure You Do Not Belong To Them.”

Fake Love Quotes For Facebook

79▪️ “I Like To Listen To Fake Words When I Know The Truth.”

80▪️ “Love Is A Good Place To Situate Our Mistrust With Regard To Fake Women.”

81▪️ “They’re Not Happy For You Because They Wish It Was Them.” – Carlos Wallace

82▪️ “Cheap Hearts Can Be Bought With Money And Lies But The Best Heart Deserves Nothing But Truth And Love.”

83▪️ “I Don’t Have Time For Fake Friends Anymore. Either Be Real, Or Be Gone.”

84▪️ “Always Sleep With One Eye Open. Never Take Anything For Granted. Your Best Friends Might Just Be Your Enemies.”

85▪️ “Every Coin Has Two Sides, Just Like Most People Have Two Faces.”

86▪️ “It’s Better Not To Have Anybody, Then To Have Someone Who Is Half There, Or Doesn’t Want To Be With You.”

Latest Fake Love Quotes

87▪️ “My False Plants Are Dead Because I Did Not Pretend To Water Them.” Mitch Hedberg

88▪️ “You Can Say As Much About A Person As He Leaves You.”

89▪️ “I Can’t Believe Someone Can Fake Their Love To Just Enter Somebody’s Life”

90▪️ “Love Is Blind, But Friendship Closes Its Eyes.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

91▪️ “It’s Better To Be Lonely Than To Be Played By The Wrong People.”

92▪️ “Sometimes, Some Bad Experiences In Life Will Teach You Some Good Lessons.”

93▪️ “Don’t Feel So Loved, That’s Not How It Seems.” – Jordan Hoechlin

94▪️ “When The Love Is Real You Don’t Need To Beg Them To Love You The Way You Love Them.”

95▪️ “The Good Thing About Bad Times Is That It Always Reveals The Fake People.”

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96▪️ “She Don’t Love Me Like She Say She Love.” – Drake

Top Fake Love Quotes

97▪️ “You Said You Would Love Me Forever, You Lied. You Never Loved Me.”

98▪️ “Young Men Love, Then Lie. Not Truly In Their Hearts, But In Their Eyes.”

99▪️ “Real Love Can Easily Be Seen, But Fake Love. It Is Hard To Detect.”

100▪️ “I Don’t Hate You. I’m Just Disappointed.”
– Zakiya And Sajid

101▪️ “Trust Your Gut. Your Instincts Will Tell You It’s Fake.” – Christina J. Daniels

102▪️ “Pleasure Of Love Lasts But A Moment. Pain Of Love Lasts A Lifetime.”

103▪️ “Truth Hurts For A Moment, But Lies Hurt All Of Life.”

104▪️ “Do Not Continue Running Towards The Person Against Whom You Must Go.”

Fake Love Quotes For Whatsapp

105▪️ “I Am Tired Of Meeting The Same People In Different Instances.”

106▪️ “Girls Can Simulate Orgasms, But Boys Can Simulate A Love.”

107▪️ “You Shattered The Remainder Of My Heart, Yet You Expect Me To Be Okay With It Day After Day.” – Ahmed Mostafa

108▪️ “Some People Married For Money. Some Divorced For Love.” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

109▪️ “You Are One Mean And Terrifying Lesson I Will Never Forget.”

110▪️ “True Friends Cry When You Leave. Fake Friends Leave When You Cry.”

111▪️ “We All Believe That We Can’t Buy Love Even If We Are Rich Enough, But I Think No One Buys His Own Property.”

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112▪️ “You Got Nothing To Lose. You Don’t Lose When You Lose Fake Friends.”

Amazing Fake Love Quotes

113▪️ “If You Don’t Want To Stay Just Say The Truth But Don’t Make Fake Promises”

114▪️ “I Wonder If You Really Care About Me Or You Are Just Pretending”

115▪️ “Fake Love Doesn’t Last Long Only True Love Will Last Longer And You Will Understand It One Day”

116▪️ “A False Lover Stops Loving And Caring About The Day He Knows He Will Never Have It.”

117▪️ “She Does Not Like Me As She Says She Likes. Believe Me.” – Drake Jobs

118▪️ “When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them.”

119▪️ “One Thing You Can Not Simulate Is Chemistry.”

120▪️ “We Never Lose Friends, Fake Ones Are Exposed.” – Carlos Wallace

Fake Love Quotes

121▪️ “The Only Confirmation Of True Love Is Either You Should Be Married To Her Or You Commit Suicide.” – Anupam S Shlok

122▪️ “You Truly Loved Her But Neither You Are Married To Her Nor You Are Dead.

123▪️ “People Wear Masks Of Lies So That They Look Attractive, So Be Careful.”

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