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1. “I Thought That Beauty Alone Would Satisfy. But The Soul Is Gone. I Can’t Bear Those Empty, Staring Eyes.” – Garnett Weston

2. “To Go Out With The Setting Sun On An Empty Beach Is To Truly Embrace Your Solitude.” – Jeanne Moreau

3. “It’s Hard To Ignore Emptiness. It Will Haunt You. It Will Demand That You Acknowledge Its Presence.”

4. “I Saw That My Life Was A Vast Glowing Empty Page And I Could Do Anything I Wanted.” Jack Kerouac

5. “Yes, I’m A Real Fighter. But I Often Ended Up Empty-Handed.” – Hugo Pratt

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6. “None Are So Empty As Those Who Are Full Of Themselves.” – Benjamin Whichcote

7. “An Optimist Is A Driver Who Thinks That Empty Space At The Curb Won’t Have A Hydrant Beside It.” – Jules Renard

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8. “Life Without Idealism Is Empty Indeed. We Just Hope Or Starve To Death.” – Pearl S. Buck

9. “The Traveller With Empty Pockets Will Sing In The Thief ‘S Face.” – Juvenal

10. “The Beginning Of Love Is A Horror Of Emptiness.” – Robert Bly

11. “A Busy Life Is Filled With Tremendous Emptiness.” – Debasish Mridha

12. “But To Me Nothing, The Negative, The Empty, Is Exceedingly Powerful.” – Alan Watts

13. “I Decided I Would Fill The Emptiness In Me With God And With Paint.” – Kimberly Novosel

Empty Soul Quotes

14. “She Was Tired, With That Tiredness That Only Emptiness Brings.” – Paolo Giordano

15. “They Are Words That Are Easy Enough To Say And Which Fill Vast Empty Spaces.” – Paulo Coelho

16. “That Is Also Negligible, But You’re Wrong. Being Empty Means You Can Be Filled, Right? Without Limitations.” – Kinoko Nasu

17. “It Is Beautiful, It Is Endless, It Is Full And Yet Seems Empty. It Hurts Us.” – Jackson Pearce

18. “We Often Feel Proud Of Our Knowledge Even When It Is Filled With Emptiness.”- Debasish Mridha

19. “The More Space And Emptiness You Can Create In Yourself, Then You Can Let The Rest Of The World Come In And Fill You Up.” – Jeff Bridges

20. “There’s Just Something Obvious About Emptiness, Even When You Try To Convince Yourself Otherwise.” – Sarah Dessen

21. “In All Our Searching, The Only Thing We’ve Found That Makes The Emptiness Bearable Is Each Other.” – Carl Sagan

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22. “You Can Replace Emptiness With A Positive Feeling That If You Work On Yourself To Be The Best You Can Possibly Be.” – Sandra Cabot MD

23. “When My Soul Feels Empty, I Pick Up A Pen And Write Out Hat’s Going On Inside Me.” – Anne M. Fletcher

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24. “Life Is Full And Overflowing With The New. But It Is Necessary To Empty Out The Old To Make Room For The New To Enter.” – Eileen Caddy

25. “Rock Is So Much Fun. That’s What It’s All About – Filling Up The Chest Cavities And Empty Kneecaps And Elbows.” – Jimi Hendrix

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26. “A Manager Uses A Relief Pitcher Like A Six Shooter, He Fires Until It’s Empty Then Takes The Gun And Throws It At The Villain.” – Dan Quisenberry

27. “No Man Can Be A Patriot On An Empty Stomach.” – William Cowper

28. “An Empty Canvas Is A Living Wonder – Far Lovelier Than Certain Pictures.” – Wassily Kandinsky

29. “Feeling Empty Can Also Be The Driving Force And It Is Only Human To Feel Empty Sometimes.”

Feeling Empty Quotes

30. “I Am Empty Of Everything. I Am Empty Of Everything But The Thin, Frail Ghosts In My Room.” – Jean Rhys

31. “Every Word Is Like An Unnecessary Stain On Silence And Nothingness.” – Samuel Beckett

32. “The Greatest Tragedies In Life Is Not Untimely Death, But To Live A Life For Emptiness.” – Topsy Gift

32. “What Had Been Quiet And Restful Was Now Silent And Empty.” – Frederick Barthelme

33. “This Will Be A Winter So Desolate, Only Memory Can Fill The Emptiness.” – John Geddes

34. “Empty Pockets Never Held Anyone Back. Only Empty Heads And Empty Hearts Can Do That.”

35. “I Have A Simple Philosophy. Fill What’s Empty. Empty What’s Full. And Scratch Where It Itches.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth

  • 36. “The Inner Emptiness Is The Door To God.”- Swami Dhyan Giten

  • 37. “The Rest Of My Life Stretches Out As An Emptiness Before Me.”- Kazuo Ishiguro

Best Emptiness Quotes

  • 38. “If Giving Leaves You Feeling Empty, You’re Giving Too Much To The Wrong Person.”- Maza Dohta

  • 39. “Hunger And Fear Are The Only Realities In Dog Life: An Empty Stomach Makes A Fierce Dog.” – Robert Falcon Scott

  • 40. “There Is Nothing So Cruel In This World As The Desolation Of Having Nothing To Hope For.” – Haruki Murakami

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Empty soul Quotes
Empty soul Quotes
Feeling empty Quotes Images
Feeling empty Quotes Images

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Empty thoughts Quotes
  • 41. “I Liked Germany; I’m Not Into Berlin, It’s Too Huge And Empty And Imposing, But Munich Was Good.” – Graham Coxon

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  • 42. “Empty Is The Argument Of The Philosopher Which Does Not Relieve Any Human Suffering.” – Epicurus

43. “Do Not Get Lost In The Emptiness. Find Your Way Back!”

44. “Only Love Can Distract Us And Save Us From The Emptiness And Futility Of Our Existence.”

  • 45. “Emptiness And Loneliness Can Make Someone Go Dark. It Can Do Dangerous Things To A Person.”

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46. “Why Does The Feeling Of Emptiness Occupy So Much Space?”

  • 47. “Pain Can Be Vitalising; It Gives Intensity In The Space Of Vagueness And Emptiness.” – Sebastian Horsley

  • 48. “The Rest Of My Life Stretches Out As An Emptiness Before Me.” – Kazuo Ishiguro

  • 49. “Illusion Is Needed To Disguise The Emptiness Within.” – Arthur Erickson

50. “The Inner Emptiness Is The Door To God.” – Swami Dhyan Giten

51. “I Have A Simple Philosophy: Fill What’s Empty. Empty What’s Full. Scratch Where It Itches.” – Alice Longworth Roosevelt

52. “How Can Emptiness Be So Heavy?”

53. “If Emptiness Is Endless, Then Everything Rests In Emptiness.”- Dejan Stojanovic

  • 54. “Emptiness Can Be So Debilitating That People Actively Try To Escape From It.”

55. “Emptiness Which Is Conceptually Liable To Be Mistaken For Sheer Nothingness Is In Fact The Reservoir Of Infinite Possibilities.” -Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki

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56. “Sometimes Someone Says Something Really Small And It Just Fits Into This Empty Place In Your Heart.” – Winnie Holzman

57. “Empty Feeling Arise From Not Having Been Filled Up Emotionally As A Child.” – Jonice Webb

58. “The Ego Us Never Fulfilled Because It Never Feels Full But Empty.”

59. “If A Man Empties His Purse Into His Head, No One Can Take It From Him.” – Benjamin Franklin

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60. “It Is The Opener Of The Heart Of God, And A Means By Which The Soul, Though Empty, Is Filled.” – John Bunyan

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61. “Thoughts Without Content Are Empty, Intuitions Without Concepts Are Blind.” – Immanuel Kant

62. “Passionate Hatred Can Give Meaning And Purpose To An Empty Life.” – Eric Hoffer

63. “To Be Full Of Things Is To Be Empty Of God; To Be Empty Of Things Is To Be Full Of God.” – Meister Eckhart

Emptiness In My Heart Quotes

64. “Be Empty. Be Still. Just Watch Everything Come And Go. This Is The Way Of Nature.” – Laozi

65. “A Thankful Heart Is Never Half-Full Or Half-Empty, But Always Overflowing With Love.” – Wes Fesler

66. “The Objective Is Not So Much To Walk Your Dog, As It Is To Empty Him.” – Dave Barry

67. “Sometimes Emptiness Makes Us Feel Like We Are So Detached And Hollow We Could Almost Be Ghosts.”

68. “She Tries To Smile, To Feel Happy, But She Feels So Empty.”

69. “That Feeling When You Are Not Necessarily Sad, But You Feel Really Empty.”

Empty Quotes In English

70. “Sometimes You Can Only Feel Something By Its Absence. By The Empty Spaces It Leaves Behind.” – Gayle Forman

71. “This Was The Truth At The Core Of My Existence This Yawning Emptiness, Scantily Clad In Rage.” – Hillary Jordan

72. “I Felt Myself Being Invaded Through And Through, I Crumbled, Disintegrated, And Only Emptiness Remained.” – Stanislaw Lem

73. “Soon And Every Day, I Send Peace And Blessing Upon His Prophets Empty My Mind Like Banks Empty My Pockets.” – Boonaa Mohammed

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74. “You Can’t Cry When You’re Already Empty.”

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75. “You Are All Walking Around Like Empty Cups. Your Cups Should Be Filled With Love, And Be Over Flowing From You To Others.” – Dr. Jodi-Anne M Smith

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